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If you are in Dubai, it becomes almost a compulsion to visit the desert safari dream. The desert safari is one of the biggest tourist attractions, not only in Dubai but all around the world. This is your chance to experience the best time of your life on the Desert Safari in Dubai. You can experience the best of the best as you fly over the sand dunes and leave behind breathtaking landscapes. It is only a short drive away from the city, but it seems like you leave to enter into a completely different world. The desert safari with all its fun and adventures is definitely the highlight of your trip to Dubai!

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The adventure begins in Dubai!

Dubai is dubbed as one of the largest Emirates out of all seven emirates of the UAE. Dubai is home to some of the most captivating and enthralling modern cities that offer a lifetime of experience with unlimited tourist locations for people to indulge in. Dubai is home to some of the most marvelous and biggest man-made wonders including the larger than life Burj Khalifa. Listed amongst its other top tourist locations are Burj Al-Arab and the Palm Islands. No wonder that with over a dozen locations to enjoy, Dubai attracts over thousands of tourists every year! However, ironically with such a wide array of tourist locations the actual adventure actually begins on the desert safari. The highlight of the Dubai Tour is hands down the desert safari trip.

Enter the world of Dubai desert safari!

Dubai desert safari is not far from the city and only takes half an hour on average to reach from most areas of Dubai. However, it is simply surreal once you reach and start living the experience! We offer you the best desert safari deals in Dubai. Contact us now or book a deal online now. Our website has every last detail of every safari package. Our team will be available online around-the-clock as well to cater to all your queries. Packages begin at a modest cost of 45 AED per person.


About Us

Are you looking for something that is beyond your expectations? Do you want a trip to the safari that offers the best then you even imagined? Your search ends because you just found us! We understand that the desert safari trips are one of the most demanded tour plans by people from all around the world. Since desert safaris are a highlight of Dubai, therefore this also makes it the memorable most experience of your life.

On the desert safari, there are endless opportunities for you to enjoy! The activities we offer are most unique and maximum that you will find anywhere else. Breathe in the blinding beauty of the golden desert and landscape. Indulge in BBQ steamy hot food, dance along professional belly dancers and get a pick & drop service as well! We are committed to making this trip the best trip of your life. We ensure that all services we offer are pure classics with our own little edgy twist to it all.

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We take immense pride in offering you the best packages and desert safari deals in the entire Dubai. As a team, we want to ensure that this tour of desert safari will make your entire trip to the United Arab Emirates worth it! Don’t go around thinking that this will be just an average and traditional tour of the safari where you get a camel ride and some decent pictures! There is a lot more that we have in store for you. The whole point of our tireless hard work is to see your smiling faces at the end of your day. We agree that the desert safari is hands down the highlight of all our deals, but we have several other deals ready to offer as well.

Dubai Desert Safari Deals

Dubai Desert Safari – it simply doesn’t get better and more serene than this. The desert has been known in history for holding several filthy rich secrets. So are you ready to explore this heritage of the Arabs? Breathe in their rich culture and allow us to make this experience worth a lifetime for you. Whether you are planning an evening safari, morning or overnight – we have it all! There is no better way to explore the sand golden desert culture of the Arabs than to visit the desert safari. Avail the best desert safari deals in the history of all holiday packages now and make most of your summer/winter break with your loved ones, friends and family.

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